Program Overview

The unique multifaceted program offered by Operation Newstart Geelong acts as a circuit breaker, providing young people with a safe space to explore their beliefs, values and identity.  Personal development workshops coupled with fresh, challenging experiences in outdoor adventure, careers and volunteering, create a platform for young people to develop an experience-reflection learning mindset.  This unique combination results in improved emotional wellbeing, self esteem and renewed hope for a positive future!

LifeWorks is a unique personal development program tailored to meet the needs of Operation Newstart Geelong participants.  LifeWorks workshops develop emotional literacy, self efficacy and self awareness to maximise participant learning throughout all aspects of the program.  Students learn skills to reframe personal experiences to help construct an empowering personal narrative so they can unleash their potential.  Participants also learn how to capitalise on their character strengths by setting goals that improve their sense of control and influence in their lives.

Outdoor Adventure activities such as mountain biking, surfing, rock climbing and bush walking provide weekly challenges for participants of all ability levels.  Each of the activities challenge participants to push beyond their comfort zone by taking beneficial risks.  This discomfort experienced in a supportive environment enables participants to break through limiting beliefs and experience new heights of confidence and enjoyment.

Careers exploration is embedded in several aspects of the program.  Operation Newstart Geelong has a strong partnership with the Gordon TAFE where students participate in four trade taster days ranging from plastering to beauty, as well as undertaking several careers workshops.  Participants also gain valuable insight into work places such as Channel 9 and Cotton On.  During workplace visits students are inspired by staff who generously share their personal experiences of education and employment.

Volunteering throughout the program engages participants with meaningful opportunities to assist people and organisations in their local community.  Whether working outside to improve the environment alongside the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee or leading activities with young children at Milla Milla playgroup, students report a strong sense of self esteem and connection to community built on their volunteer experience.

Below is an example of our program calendar from term 1 2017