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Volunteer with Operation Newstart Geelong

Each term Operation Newstart Geelong requires volunteers to assist with our Outdoor Adventure camps.  If you have a passion for working with young people, our two night camps provide a great opportunity to show young people that they are valued, leading to greater confidence and self esteem.

For Youth Work and Teaching students undertaking their tertiary studies, camps provide a fantastic environment to help your engagement skills really flourish.

If you are interested in discussing opportunities to volunteer with us, please contact Nick or Philippa.

Nick:     0488 086 474

Philippa:     0488 088 426


Whether you’re an individual, school or business, you can get inspired and raise important funds for Operation Newstart Geelong.

FUNDRAISE AT WORK. Ask your colleagues to get involved and raise funds for Operation Newstart Geelong.

FUNDRAISE AT SCHOOL. A fundraiser at school is a great way to support Operation Newstart Geelong.

CELEBRATIONS. Request donations in lieu of gifts for Operation Newstart Geelong.

CREATE AN EVENT. Discover fun ways to get involved and raise funds.

FITNESS & CHALLENGE EVENTS. Get fit and raise funds.

CONTACT US. Need more info or ideas? Please send us an email or call us to chat with our team…

Nick:     0488 086 474

Philippa:     0488 088 426


This section is still under construction.

In the meantime if you’d like to donate please contact Operation Newstart Victoria or click the following link and donate ‘in honour of Operation Newstart Geelong’